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There goes that idea…

With all creativity being poured out on to the internet, its tough to come up with an original idea.  I had this great plan for an online debate site based off the functionality of our court system without the cases being criminal.  It was quite a detailed plan and when I went on the internet to see if it had been done already…It had been done already. SOB

Every day it becomes harder to make a living on the internet because every day it becomes more saturated with ideas and to come up with an original idea of your own seems impossible.  If that idea does come it is smart to make sure your website sticks out among the rest.  Taking advantage of SEO or Search Engine Optimization can greatly improve your chances of success when releasing a new idea due to the fact that your website will be seen before someone else’s within similar category.  Also using all the social networking available is an easy free way to spread the word about your idea.