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Peter Johnson; The story thus far…

The things that define me come from the places I have been and the people I have meet along the way.  
The journey started in a small town in Alaska called Eagle River. I grew up there and enjoyed the hell out of it.  I decided to move to Seattle, Wa because I wanted to get out on my own. While in Seattle I heard a radio ad for a commercial dive school which sounded like a good adventure so I signed up. Seven months later I was a certified underwater construction worker and on my way to Louisiana to work in the Gulf of Mexico on the oil rigs.  I spent a few years there and decided to do inland diving in Minnesota because Louisiana is a God forsaken land.  The past couple years I have been diving in the lakes and rivers of the midwest.  Diving did not allow for much of a social life or any opportunity for a relationship so I decided to look in to the music industry as a means of settling down with more of a “normal” job.  In my search for a new career I found a volunteer opportunity to go to Madagascar doing underwater research.  I applied and was accepted so I moved out there for a few months in the spring of 10′.  Along with finding that I also found a link to IPR.  I came to check it out and was really impressed. I signed up, started late fall 10′ and here I am righting a blog about it.           

Video of Madagascar #1From out front porch in Ifaty, Madagascar

Video Of Madagascar #2