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Its Foley Time

It was brought to my attention in the first quarter of school that Foley was how movies would get a lot of their sound FX.  Sound design in general was a new realm of audio engineering but the idea of taking a bunch of random crap and moving it around, blowing it up, stepping on it or smashing it sounded like a career path that would suit me.  It’s what inevitably happens when drinking out in the country so if I can apply those skills a bit more professionally, I might have a sweet career path on my hands.

For Post Production class we are assigned to apply all the sound to a minute long movie that was given to us.  Even though the movie is only a minute, there is much that goes in to designing sound.  The sound of walking outside and how it changes when they come inside takes quite a bit of tweaking with EQ and re verb.  I bought a sweet little Zoom H2 recorder and recording sounds in sync with the video is entertaining and probably quite embarrassing if anyone were to watch. This is a project that I am very happy about and am excited to hear the final product.

Video of a professional Foley Artist

Man Doing Foley