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When artists make music they want to get it out to be heard.  Soundcloud allows you to do this well and easily. Its a very simple idea. Make the uploading and management of your songs easy so you can get the feedback you want.

SoundCloud is a great music uploading site for the simple fact that it will take just about anything you have. They have designed it to accept almost any audio format so there is no need to reformat.  It has the basic social networking attributes like having friends and setting up a basic profile. A great feature they have is sharing comments on each others songs at specific times in the waveform.  It is very intuitive to set up and get going. The functions are easily marked and I’ve never had a problem with uploading my music.

I would recommend SoundCloud to anyone who has hobby music and would like to get it out to be heard and commented on.

Founder of SoudCloud, Alexander Ljung


Learn to Filter the BS

With so many ways of finding the definition to one word simply by typing it in and pressing Enter, you really need to know what to believe.  Its like shouting out the word and having a bunch of strangers run up to you ready to tell you their version of the answer.  Honestly I would say that the majority of the answers that are thrown at you are correct but then on that level, how correct are they.  There isn’t just a right and wrong. If you are seeking information on how to properly change a track on a snowmachine, the answers that are available can very greatly and to choose one step-by-step over another takes information literacy to think critically so you can weed out the wrong answers.  It not even that people are trying to steer you wrong every time, but  there is always a more efficient way to do something so taking your time and doing research is a critical part of finding the “right” answer.

Today we want everything instantly when it comes to the web, but if we are willing to take a little extra time to do some research on any given subject, cross-checking information can be very important to finding the right answer. The more you do this the more often you will start to trust one web site over another and will become more efficient at finding the information you want.

The brain of an Information Literate person

There goes that idea…

With all creativity being poured out on to the internet, its tough to come up with an original idea.  I had this great plan for an online debate site based off the functionality of our court system without the cases being criminal.  It was quite a detailed plan and when I went on the internet to see if it had been done already…It had been done already. SOB

Every day it becomes harder to make a living on the internet because every day it becomes more saturated with ideas and to come up with an original idea of your own seems impossible.  If that idea does come it is smart to make sure your website sticks out among the rest.  Taking advantage of SEO or Search Engine Optimization can greatly improve your chances of success when releasing a new idea due to the fact that your website will be seen before someone else’s within similar category.  Also using all the social networking available is an easy free way to spread the word about your idea.

Music for free

I find it hard to believe that the big music companies though they could get away with the way they sell music for longer than they have.  People got tired of paying for a whole CD when all they wanted was one song.  Downloading it for free was the best solution with what we have to work with today.
It happens time and time again where there becomes an easier and cheaper way to get our media.  When the copy machine was invented, it was illegal for the public to have one because of possible copyright issues with books.  Of course it was made legal due to its extreme usefulness in our every day lives.  TV was frowned upon in its inception by the movie theater companies because it stole business by keeping people entertained at home. Publishing companies are still thriving and theaters are all over the place.
The music industry isn’t much different.  The demand for music is still high so instead of making money through CD sales, they have found other ways of making a living at it.  Venues and music festivals are more popular than ever and merchandising is always a big money-maker.  The only one loosing out are the big record companies who have become obsolete.  They have taken advantage of the artists and fans for long enough. It’s definitely time they get put in their place.