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I have a chance to blog about anything in the world I have a thought about.  I’ve been sitting here for a while now with no inspiration at the ends of my fingers.  Perhaps it is because were heading in to week ten and the only thing on my mind is getting my projects done and studying hard for my Web Fluency class.  I’m also starting my new job with the Parks and Rec of Minneapolis setting up shows in the band stands around Minneapolis. Everyone should check them out! The musical concerts and movies play from May 30-September 5.

The weather is always a good scape goat to fill in some silence. Its about time we get some heat but perhaps it came at a bad time. Right when finals draw near all anyone wants to do is be outside instead of in a school with no windows.  One week left…One of the four venues in Minneapolis


About petetjohnson

I have recently graduated from the Institute of Production and Recording with a degree in Audio Production Engineering. I will return to earn another degree in Sound Design for the Visual Media. This has been a career that I have always wanted and I finally found the school that can get me there. My focus is in post-production and sound design. The projects in school have prepared me for various tipes of post-production, sound design and field recording techniques. I would like to stick around in the Twin Cities area and gain professional experience working on anything post, digital video editing, field recording or sound design related. View all posts by petetjohnson

One response to “The Anything Blog

  • jkargol

    I had The Exact Same Problem! It took me three tries before my final blog went anywhere, and even then it’s only satisfied my own idea of coherence, which is flawed on it’s best days.

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