When artists make music they want to get it out to be heard.  Soundcloud allows you to do this well and easily. Its a very simple idea. Make the uploading and management of your songs easy so you can get the feedback you want.

SoundCloud is a great music uploading site for the simple fact that it will take just about anything you have. They have designed it to accept almost any audio format so there is no need to reformat.  It has the basic social networking attributes like having friends and setting up a basic profile. A great feature they have is sharing comments on each others songs at specific times in the waveform.  It is very intuitive to set up and get going. The functions are easily marked and I’ve never had a problem with uploading my music.

I would recommend SoundCloud to anyone who has hobby music and would like to get it out to be heard and commented on.

Founder of SoudCloud, Alexander Ljung


About petetjohnson

I have recently graduated from the Institute of Production and Recording with a degree in Audio Production Engineering. I will return to earn another degree in Sound Design for the Visual Media. This has been a career that I have always wanted and I finally found the school that can get me there. My focus is in post-production and sound design. The projects in school have prepared me for various tipes of post-production, sound design and field recording techniques. I would like to stick around in the Twin Cities area and gain professional experience working on anything post, digital video editing, field recording or sound design related. View all posts by petetjohnson

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