Douglas Engelbart- Inventor of the Computer Mouse

Douglas Engelbart is a man who was a thinker ahead of his time. He was bonn in Portland, Or. and received a PhD in electrical engineering at the University of Berkley, California. He was the inventor of many computer oriented inventions such as the the precursor to the graphical user interface and hypertext.  What he is most known for though is the the way we all can now interact with our computers, and that is with the mouse.  His patent for the mouse was accepted in 1970 but never received any royalties for the device.  Apple heard about the mouse and obtained a license for it for around $40,000.  A small price to pay for such a key piece of gear.  In 1997 he did receive recognition for the mouse when he received $500,000 through the Lemelson-MIT Prize.

Douglas Engelbart and his first mouse


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