Peter Johnson; The story thus far…

The things that define me come from the places I have been and the people I have meet along the way.  
The journey started in a small town in Alaska called Eagle River. I grew up there and enjoyed the hell out of it.  I decided to move to Seattle, Wa because I wanted to get out on my own. While in Seattle I heard a radio ad for a commercial dive school which sounded like a good adventure so I signed up. Seven months later I was a certified underwater construction worker and on my way to Louisiana to work in the Gulf of Mexico on the oil rigs.  I spent a few years there and decided to do inland diving in Minnesota because Louisiana is a God forsaken land.  The past couple years I have been diving in the lakes and rivers of the midwest.  Diving did not allow for much of a social life or any opportunity for a relationship so I decided to look in to the music industry as a means of settling down with more of a “normal” job.  In my search for a new career I found a volunteer opportunity to go to Madagascar doing underwater research.  I applied and was accepted so I moved out there for a few months in the spring of 10′.  Along with finding that I also found a link to IPR.  I came to check it out and was really impressed. I signed up, started late fall 10′ and here I am righting a blog about it.           

Video of Madagascar #1From out front porch in Ifaty, Madagascar

Video Of Madagascar #2


About petetjohnson

I have recently graduated from the Institute of Production and Recording with a degree in Audio Production Engineering. I will return to earn another degree in Sound Design for the Visual Media. This has been a career that I have always wanted and I finally found the school that can get me there. My focus is in post-production and sound design. The projects in school have prepared me for various tipes of post-production, sound design and field recording techniques. I would like to stick around in the Twin Cities area and gain professional experience working on anything post, digital video editing, field recording or sound design related. View all posts by petetjohnson

One response to “Peter Johnson; The story thus far…

  • Static Embryo

    Once we graduate and get established a wee bit, im down to do travel with you man. I feel like not enough people truly appreciate traveling or take the effort to save to do so. One reason i choose to get into the music industry is because i want to move around a lot. If i ever do get the chance to be a sound technician for a band i would easily go on tour with them.

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