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I have a chance to blog about anything in the world I have a thought about.  I’ve been sitting here for a while now with no inspiration at the ends of my fingers.  Perhaps it is because were heading in to week ten and the only thing on my mind is getting my projects done and studying hard for my Web Fluency class.  I’m also starting my new job with the Parks and Rec of Minneapolis setting up shows in the band stands around Minneapolis. Everyone should check them out! The musical concerts and movies play from May 30-September 5.

The weather is always a good scape goat to fill in some silence. Its about time we get some heat but perhaps it came at a bad time. Right when finals draw near all anyone wants to do is be outside instead of in a school with no windows.  One week left…One of the four venues in Minneapolis



When artists make music they want to get it out to be heard.  Soundcloud allows you to do this well and easily. Its a very simple idea. Make the uploading and management of your songs easy so you can get the feedback you want.

SoundCloud is a great music uploading site for the simple fact that it will take just about anything you have. They have designed it to accept almost any audio format so there is no need to reformat.  It has the basic social networking attributes like having friends and setting up a basic profile. A great feature they have is sharing comments on each others songs at specific times in the waveform.  It is very intuitive to set up and get going. The functions are easily marked and I’ve never had a problem with uploading my music.

I would recommend SoundCloud to anyone who has hobby music and would like to get it out to be heard and commented on.

Founder of SoudCloud, Alexander Ljung

Learn to Filter the BS

With so many ways of finding the definition to one word simply by typing it in and pressing Enter, you really need to know what to believe.  Its like shouting out the word and having a bunch of strangers run up to you ready to tell you their version of the answer.  Honestly I would say that the majority of the answers that are thrown at you are correct but then on that level, how correct are they.  There isn’t just a right and wrong. If you are seeking information on how to properly change a track on a snowmachine, the answers that are available can very greatly and to choose one step-by-step over another takes information literacy to think critically so you can weed out the wrong answers.  It not even that people are trying to steer you wrong every time, but  there is always a more efficient way to do something so taking your time and doing research is a critical part of finding the “right” answer.

Today we want everything instantly when it comes to the web, but if we are willing to take a little extra time to do some research on any given subject, cross-checking information can be very important to finding the right answer. The more you do this the more often you will start to trust one web site over another and will become more efficient at finding the information you want.

The brain of an Information Literate person

CWF+RTB Business Model

It seems like a simple concept but it does take a great deal of bravery to give away the music you have worked so hard on and hope these other ways of making money work out.  It has been proven that the CWF+RTB Business Model works but to get to the point of success with that model, the first part of the equation needs to come true.  Bands need to connect with their fans in a way that will keep them coming back for more.  It starts with good music. The listener needs to be impressed with the free music they are getting and respect the band and their practices before they will think about taking the next step to actually buy something from the band like concert tickets or merch.

Trent Reznor decided to start releasing his music for free online, knowing it would have ended up on file sharing sites anyways.  He is still able to make money off of premium sales because the fans respect the business practices and enjoy his music so much that they will spend more than the average CD costs just to have a piece of history from that band.

To actually make it to this point, it takes a long time to build up a fan base out of nothing.  As long as you give the people a good show, are a respectable band and show the fans you care, the fans in turn will give back to make sure you can keep on entertaining.

There goes that idea…

With all creativity being poured out on to the internet, its tough to come up with an original idea.  I had this great plan for an online debate site based off the functionality of our court system without the cases being criminal.  It was quite a detailed plan and when I went on the internet to see if it had been done already…It had been done already. SOB

Every day it becomes harder to make a living on the internet because every day it becomes more saturated with ideas and to come up with an original idea of your own seems impossible.  If that idea does come it is smart to make sure your website sticks out among the rest.  Taking advantage of SEO or Search Engine Optimization can greatly improve your chances of success when releasing a new idea due to the fact that your website will be seen before someone else’s within similar category.  Also using all the social networking available is an easy free way to spread the word about your idea.

Its Foley Time

It was brought to my attention in the first quarter of school that Foley was how movies would get a lot of their sound FX.  Sound design in general was a new realm of audio engineering but the idea of taking a bunch of random crap and moving it around, blowing it up, stepping on it or smashing it sounded like a career path that would suit me.  It’s what inevitably happens when drinking out in the country so if I can apply those skills a bit more professionally, I might have a sweet career path on my hands.

For Post Production class we are assigned to apply all the sound to a minute long movie that was given to us.  Even though the movie is only a minute, there is much that goes in to designing sound.  The sound of walking outside and how it changes when they come inside takes quite a bit of tweaking with EQ and re verb.  I bought a sweet little Zoom H2 recorder and recording sounds in sync with the video is entertaining and probably quite embarrassing if anyone were to watch. This is a project that I am very happy about and am excited to hear the final product.

Video of a professional Foley Artist

Man Doing Foley

Douglas Engelbart- Inventor of the Computer Mouse

Douglas Engelbart is a man who was a thinker ahead of his time. He was bonn in Portland, Or. and received a PhD in electrical engineering at the University of Berkley, California. He was the inventor of many computer oriented inventions such as the the precursor to the graphical user interface and hypertext.  What he is most known for though is the the way we all can now interact with our computers, and that is with the mouse.  His patent for the mouse was accepted in 1970 but never received any royalties for the device.  Apple heard about the mouse and obtained a license for it for around $40,000.  A small price to pay for such a key piece of gear.  In 1997 he did receive recognition for the mouse when he received $500,000 through the Lemelson-MIT Prize.

Douglas Engelbart and his first mouse